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Starlite Lanes has a stellar reputation among locals and tourists. Check out our Google and Facebook Reviews.

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Flagstaff Demographics

Every year, over 90,000 guests walk through our doors and stay for an average length of 2 hours.

Guests who walk through our doors consist of locals and tourists. 

The city of Flagstaff sees over 5,000,000 visitors per year, according to the City of Flagstaff.

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Google Trends

Over the past 5 years according to Google Trends, "Flagstaff, AZ" peaks in Google searches during the winter and summer times.

We also see from Google Trends that "Flagstaff, AZ" peaks on Mondays and Saturdays. 

Some of Google's top queries for Flagstaff are:

  • Albuquerque to Flagstaff
  • Airbnb Flagstaff
  • Weather Flagstaff

Based on Google's top queries we see that potential tourists are researching how long it takes to get from Albq to Flagstaff. After a long drive we can assume the tourists will require food, lodging and some entertainment since 72% of travelers come to Flagstaff for leisure.

Unfavorable weather might potentially affect travelers' plans. Luckily for the travelers, Starlite Lanes is not affected by the weather. Whether rain, shine, snow or strong winds, Starlite Lanes can accommodate group of friends and/or families.

Tourism Study

Arizona office of tourism logo. Arizona office of tourism data

According to Arizona Office of Tourism, 72% of surveyed individuals came to visit Flagstaff for "leisure."

"Over half (55%) of visitors traveled with family members; another 20% traveled in groups of family and friends." according to Arizona Office of Tourism

  • Seeing how 55% of tourists visit with family and/or friends, this is great for Starlite Lanes and you because you can advertise to families or groups of friends.

"Average party size was three persons, with median of two persons; one‐fourth of parties (28%) traveled with children under 18 years." according to the Arizona Office of Tourism.

  • Starlite Lanes can easily host the average party of 3 and/or parents with children since each lane can host up to 8 individuals with an average of 2 hour play sessions.

Within the same study from Arizona Office of Tourism, we see that:

  • 19.4% of participants wanted to have the Route 66 experience.
  • 16.7% of participants wanted to "get climate relief (cool summers)"

Starlite Lanes can offer guests a true Route 66 experience because Starlite Lanes has been operating on Route 66 since 1958.

Not only does Flagstaff offer cool summers but after a long day of hiking, you can grab a bite to eat at Chef Ed's Kitchen.


Each month, you get a minute for a $100.

For a one-year commitment, pay for the first 10 months upfront, receive the last two months free!

advertising cost Flagstaff, AZ. How much to advertise. Best advertising cost

*All of the above rates are rates that Starlite Lanes has either paid, been quoted, or determined through research to be accurate

You and another business can reduce cost by sharing a screen or sharing the minute.

cheapest advertising space. Cheap advertising Flagstaff, AZ. Best advertising price.

You can both split the minute.

You can have 30 seconds, and your shared partner can have 30 seconds. 

Simplistic Advertising

Change your marketing campaign at any time.

Example: You want to update your marketing campaign because you just launched a new service or re-branding a product.

  • Facebook: You would need to pause your spending campaign, re-upload your video/photo for approval, re-submit your word snippet and re-submit your demographics for age, keywords, and location.
  • Google Ads: Re-submit your objective, bidding, network, locations, languages, audiences, broad keywords, URL keywords, review your budget for each portion, and you can restart your advertising campaign.

For Starlite Lanes, you only need to call Chris and/or email a new video/photo for your new immediate campaign. 

Perfect for A/B testing

One month you can have campaign A, then the 2nd month you can change to campaign B's new video/photo. 

Use QR codes to keep track of your different campaigns for easy analytics.

Advertise to the Bowling Leagues and your target audience

Men’s/Mixed League(s)

Average Age Demographic is 40 - Play your advertisement Wednesday & Thursday during the mixed league. 

From 6-9pm every Wednesday and Thursday night, we are packed with adult bowlers, plus their friends and family.

Women's League

Average Age Demographic is 42 - Play your advertisement every Wednesday from 12 to noon to hit your exact target audience.

From 10 am - 1 pm every Thursday, we have a league that is 90% filled with senior women.


Family focused - Play your advertisement 6 days a week

We offer kids discounted bowling every day but Saturday, from opening - 5:30pm. Hundreds of kids and their parents come bowling every day during this time.


Target College Students and Gen X - Play your advertisement after 9pm for maximum efficiency.

From 9pm-12am, six days a week, we have so many young adult (college, influencers, etc.) customers that we often have waiting lists up until the time we close.


Weekends are family focused in the early afternoons and college age focused in the evening. - Play your advertisement all day if you want to hit parents and young parents.

From noon-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, we are packed with families and kids’ birthday parties. Later in the evening we fill up with teen-college aged kids.

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