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Reasons to Advertise with Starlite Lanes

At Starlite Lanes we offer great advertising opportunities, and we do it for a terrific value. We are able to do this because our success is not dependent on selling advertising; we are in the entertainment business first and foremost.

Every year, over 90,000 guests walk through our doors and stay for an average length of 2 hours. That attendance figure includes every demographic in the Flagstaff region. Better yet, at any given time of the day, we know exactly which demographic is present. That, in turn, gives advertisers the ability to offer very narrowly targeted messages, ensuring they are heard by the exact target market.


Many people do not realize that advertising at a bowling center, and especially Starlite Lanes, can be beneficial to their business.

Not only is advertising with us one of the best values in town, but we also have many offerings that traditional advertising mediums simply cannot match.

We also have an excellent reputation within the community, giving more credibility to your ads.

8 Reasons to Advertise with Us

1. High Traffic

Over 90,000 customers visit our center every year.

2. Captive Audience

Bowlers make for a very captive audience. Our customers are positioned to directly face our monitors for several hours every visit. Most customers will see an ad multiple times as a result!

3. Lengthy Stay Times

The average length of stay at Starlite Lanes is 2 hours.

4. Ability to Narrowly Target

Bowlers make for a very captive audience. Our customers are positioned to directly face our monitors for several hours every visit. Most customers will see an ad multiple times as a result!

5. Wide Range of Demographics

Bowling is the number one participatory sport in America. We have bowlers aging from 5 years all the way into their 80’s!

6. Indoor Entertainment

When people want to have a quality indoors entertainment experience in Flagstaff, Starlite Lanes is one of their only options. We have a very high inflow of TOURISTS because of this!

7. High Disposable Income Among Customers

Plain and simple, most of our customers have money to spend, otherwise they wouldn’t be bowling!

8. Variety Ways to Advertise

Starlite Lanes offers a large number of ways for your ads to be recognized and seen; video, print and mechanical.

Promotional Opportunities

There are limitless ways to advertise with Starlite Lanes; the following are a few of your options. We are eager to work with you to design a package that best suits your needs.

  • On-Screen Advertising (8 dedicated monitors) (targeted or shotgun!)
  • Sweeps Advertising (16 lanes)
  • Banners, Print Material, and Decals
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships (leagues, youth bowling, etc.)
  • And much more!

Starlite Lanes Advertising Rate Sheet

There are a variety of ways to advertise at Starlite Lanes. Below are base rates for our on-screen advertising offering. Recently, we installed eight new LED monitors, spanning the entire length of the bowling alley, solely for advertising purposes. Such placement ensures our customer’s ads get maximum exposure to the 90,000 annual attendees we experience. All ads are “stepped” so they appear on the monitors at different times, resulting in maximum exposure!


1 or 2 – Minute(s) of Ads/Hour/8- Monitors

Changing your advertising campaign for your company?

Updating your logo?

Want A/B visual testing with QR code?

Full Screen: $100/month/minute

Take advantage of our 8 screens across 16 lanes.

From locals to tourist escaping the heat, see why Starlite Lanes has celebrated its 65th anniversary.

Decide if you want your advertisement to be 5, 6,10, 12, 15 or 30 second spotlights.

You decide how you want to present your advertisement.

Six-month minimum, paid upfront

For a one-year commitment, pay for the first 10 months upfront, receive the last two months free!

Advertise to your target audience based on the day and time of day

Contact us and we will change your current advertisement to the new advertisement of your choosing, free of charge.

Not Ready to Commit to an Annual Contract?
Ask About Our Short-Term Rates

1 month rates starting at $100/month/minute for a Full Screen Ad

Ask how you and another business can share a screen to share cost.

Cost Comparison

The pricing below helps demonstrate the value and affordability of advertising with Starlite Lanes. Our pricing allows you to reach 90,000+ individuals at an incredibly affordable price.

Our pricing can also be customized, we fit your needs to your pricing.

*All of the above rates are rates that Starlite Lanes has either paid, been quoted, or determined through research to be accurate


Not only are our rates a far better value and more affordable than other advertising methods, but our ability to target a specific demographic is unparalleled.

Precise Target Audience

You are in charge when you want your Ad to play and who you want to see your Ad

Bowling League Target Audience

Men’s/Mixed League(s)

Average Age Demographic is 40 - Play your advertisement Wednesday & Thursday during the mixed league. 

From 6-9pm every Wednesday and Thursday night, we are packed with adult bowlers, plus their friends and family.

Women's League

Average Age Demographic is 42 - Play your advertisement every Wednesday from 12 to noon to hit your exact target audience.

From 10 am - 1 pm every Thursday, we have a league that is 90% filled with senior women.


Family focused - Play your advertisement 6 days a week

We offer kids discounted bowling every day but Saturday, from opening - 5:30pm. Hundreds of kids and their parents come bowling every day during this time.


Target College Students and Gen X - Play your advertisement after 9pm for maximum efficiency.

From 9pm-12am, six days a week, we have so many young adult (college, influencers, etc.) customers that we often have waiting lists up until the time we close.


Weekends are family focused in the early afternoons and college age focused in the evening. - Play your advertisement all day if you want to hit parents and young parents.

From noon-6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, we are packed with families and kids’ birthday parties. Later in the evening we fill up with teen-college aged kids.

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