When the Sun Goes Down

The Lights Come On

Cosmic Bowling parties for kids, teens and adults!

Experience the best of Cosmic Bowling at Starlite Lanes

Cosmic Bowling Begins at 9 pm

You choose the Music with TouchTunes 

Play your favorite song

Cosmic Bowling is Starlite Lanes premiere evening bowling light spectacular. When the sun goes down, the lights come on. 

You decide the colors when you make a large reservation

cosmic night lighting 9pm

Starlite Lanes has COLOR SPLASH LED lighting!!

We are so excited about our state- of- the- art COLOR SPLASH C LED Overhead and Pin deck Lighting! We have every color and any color combination possible. Red for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red and green for Christmas, orange for Halloween, blue and yellow for NAU, red, white and blue for the Fourth of July and Independence Day, your business colors, your school colors, yellow for sunny days, blue for cloudy days... you get the idea...FUN!

Give us a call and we’ll create your custom COLOR SPLASbowling event!


Monday         Closed

Tuesday         11am - close

Wednesday   11am - close

Thursday       11am - close

Friday             11am - close

Saturday        11am - close

Sunday           11am - close


3406 E Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86004


(928) 526 - 1138

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