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Easy to plan, easy to setup.

Let us handle the cooking, cleaning and take care of every step along the way.

Fundraising Made Easy and Fun

Starlite Lanes has great ideas on how to conduct successful fundraisers that raise lots of money.  Every year we host dozens of these events for every kind of not-for-profit. For example, local school groups have raised money to help their sports teams, music departments and much more. Bowling is also a great fundraiser for religious groups, charitable organizations and other not-for-profit groups!

Star Lite "Fun-Raising"

Starlite Lanes is one of the best and most economic venues in town for fundraising. We provide a modern and entertaining space that can accommodate up to 128 bowlers and 250 guests. Every year we host dozens of fundraisers, helping numerous non-profit organizations raise tens of thousands of dollars. We offer several different fundraising options that can meet financial goals large and small. Our commitment is to make your fundraiser as smooth, effortless and successful as possible. Here's how we can do that.

50 50 Package

The 50-50 package is the most effortless and basic fundraising event we offer. For the 50-50 package at Starlite Lanes, we charge you a fixed price per bowler (i.e. $10.00), and you resell the tickets at any price you choose (i.e. $15.00 or more), with all proceeds above the fixed price going towards your organization. This is a great way to raise several hundred dollars FAST.

  • Two hours of bowling on one lane - 6 bowler minimum per lane
  • Free shoe rental
  • Two hours of table service

**Guest are welcome to bring their own party decorations, dessert, and entertainment


Please inquire about our discounted food and beverage options. All packages come with free advertising for your event/ organization before and after your event. Also, depending on the size of your event, we are able to offer you limitless services and customization options to make your event even better.

Bowl-a-thon package

Bowl-A-Thons are a step up from the 50-50 package. The way Bowl-A-Thons work is similar to a walk-a-thon. It starts by paying a small per bowler fee (i.e. $8.00 to access the lanes). Then, the fundraising committee gathers organizational supporters who collect pledges for every pin they knock down. Pledge amounts are completely up to the fundraising committee's discretion. While bowl-a-thons can be extremely successful, they require effort on your part to gather sponsors. Groups have raised several thousand dollars in a day with this format. This is a great way to fundraise.

  • Two hours of bowling on one lane - 6 bowler minimum per lane
  • Free shoe rental
  • Two hours of table service

**Guest are welcome to bring their own party decorations, dessert, and entertainment

corporate lane-sell package

These events are usually the most profitable fundraisers. The way corporate lane-sells work is basically the same as the 50-50 event. Specifically, we will sell your organization lanes on an hourly basis, at a fixed price, and then you resell the lanes to your supporters (individuals or corporate sponsors) at a higher price. Corporate lane-sells require effort to gather sponsors but are the most profitable of any fundraising package. Groups can raise over $5,000 in one day, or substantially more based on the lane "price." If your group has many relationships with many Flagstaff companies, or deep individual commitments, you'll raise a lot of money! 

  • One or two hours of bowling on one lane
  • Free shoe rental
  • Up to two hours of table service

**Guest are welcome to bring their own party decorations, dessert, and entertainment

Additional fundraising methods

  • Food and Beverage: We will provide you with discounted food and beverage, and your organization capitalizes off of these discounts through a variety of ways including resale. 
  • Raffles: You sell raffle tickets (raffle types vary from 50-50, to prize raffles), and the proceeds go to your organization. 
  • Silent Auctions: You collect donations from sponsors, auction the items, and keep all proceeds.
  • Corporate Banner Sales: You get sponsors to pay for advertising banners, and we will hang them in the bowling alley.
  • Encouragement of Donations: Encourage your event participants to bring donations to your cause (i.e. if you are having a fundraiser for a local animal shelter, encourage guest to bring bags of pet food)
  • Vendor or Merchant Table: Get a local business to come down and represent their product to your supporters, in return for cash or in-kind contribution to your cause. In-kinds might be used as silent auction items. 
  • Your Imagination: You come up with a good method of fundraising, and we can always accommodate.

**Guest are welcome to bring their own party decorations, dessert, and entertainment

Why You Should Host Your Fundraiser At Starlite Lanes

  • Bowling Is Fun
  • Families Can Do It Together
  • Almost Everyone Can Bowl
  • It’s Inside – Weather Is Never a Factor
  • We can accommodate many guests
  • Great Audio System To Make Announcements and use a MC or a DJ
  • Groups Keep a Large Portion of ALL Money Raised
  • Our staff will be there to help assist you and organize the event

Call Starlite Lanes at 928-526-1138 to discuss what package works best for your organization.

Starlite Lanes has had AMAZING SUCCESS helping groups and organizations like:

* Big Brothers/Big Sisters
* Make A Wish Foundation
* American Cancer Society
* United Way
Plus…many more!


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